Final Whistle™ - Report Hate Crime in Sport Confidentially  

Final Whistle™ is an App created by David Frazier and Ricky Kundi in conjunction with the hate crime charity, Stop Hate UK. Their combined mission is to help report, combat and end hate crime in all sport and the wider community.


Features of Final Whistle™

  • 1
    Branded in your Club colours.
  • 2
    Allows the user to capture either Photo, Video or Audio of an incident inside or outside of your Club (if safe to do so).
  • 3
    GEO Location to identify where the person reporting was at the time.
  • 4
    Option to save the evidence on your device and report after the incident.

Background of Stop Hate UK

  • Established 1995.
  • Patron Baroness Doreen Lawrence of Clarendon OBE, of Clarendon in the Commonwealth Realm of Jamaica.
  • Ambassador Adrian Derbyshire, Great Britain Athlete.
  • Ambassador Canon Mark Oakley, Dean of Chapel at St John’s College, Cambridge.
  • Registered charity, Company Limited by Guarantee and Social Enterprise.
  • Our Vision. We dream of a society which is free from hate, harassment and discrimination, where all people are valued for their unique identity.
  • Our Ambition. As a means of realising this dream, we seek to work towards a society in which all people affected by hate, harassment and discrimination can challenge, report and change their experience.

Final Whistle™ Screens

Benefits of Final Whistle™

  • Help your Club to combat and stamp out hate crime in league and grass roots sport.
  • Act as a deterrent.
  • Identify the area or stand where the incident occurred; allowing a more accurate investigation to take place.
  • Reassuring your supporters/fans and players that your Club are proactive about their well- being and committed to creating the best atmosphere; for an enjoyable sporting experience with peace of mind.

Benefits of Stop Hate UK

  • 24/7/365 real time response by trained experts.
  • 24/7/365 help/reporting via live chat or telephone help line.
  • Relationships with police and other support providers.
  • National Information Sharing Agreement with police re: Hate Crime.
  • Monitoring of all types of activity, pressure points etc.
  • Expertise in all forms of Hate Crime including on-line; social media; Hate Speech.
  • Opportunities to co-develop anti-hate campaign materials.


Final Whistle™ Team

Ricky Kundi

Ricky Kundi
Final Whistle™ Co-founder Ricky Kundi has worked in the audiovisual industry for over 16 years’ giving him extensive knowledge and a passion for the latest technology and innovation. Ricky has implemented his Business Management skills through roles worked in major companies in the FTSE 100 market. Ricky says “I have always been one to grow, develop and innovate regardless of the market; wanting the best outcome for each industry my path came across. I had paid my dues and wanted to embark on a new challenge, which is when I accepted a role to create a global application for the ever-growing luxury market, landing me the Managing Director of ‘K Club’ position. Simultaneously my passion for football grew from a young age, experiencing and understanding the high level of racism within the beautiful game and sports industry. I wanted to make a difference and felt it was time to join forces with influential members of hate crime and technology to produce an App to combat all incidences of hate. That's when the ‘Final Whistle™’ app was born. My vision for the future is seeing what is invisible to others and delivering to its full potential. Leaving a lasting impression within the industry, creating a valuable service experience and trust. I want to continue to be an asset and a man of value within my industry.”
David Frazier

David Frazier
Final Whistle™ Co-founder David Frazier has over 17 years’ experience at Director level in the multimedia design and digital industries. He has specialised in every type of tech from apps to animation to 3D no glasses digital signage and retail measurement facial detection software. David has worked with Stop Hate UK for over 10 years and has a passion for tackling hate crime in the UK. Final Whistle™ seemed an obvious next step to help combat this growing problem in all types of sport both nationally and internationally. David says “Our App not only allows supporters/fans in every sport to report hate crime in a stadium or at grass roots level; it also acts as a deterrent and helps to educate people in the wider society that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Coupled with the fact that Stop Hate UK are the leading Hate Crime Charity in the UK with 24/7/365 support for both victims and witnesses of hate incidents, ideally positions Final Whistle™ to make a difference.”
Rose Simkins

Rose Simkins
Charity Partner
Final Whistle™ Charity Partner Stop Hate UK is led by Rose Simkins. Stop Hate UK leads the way in the UK to deliver 24/7/365 reporting and support services for Hate Crime. This is a unique service and they have ensured accessibility by including facilities such as online chat and App reporting. Stop Hate UK work round the clock to ensure that those targeted or witnesses to hate incidents can get advice and support when they need it. Rose Simkins is a visionary leader and powerful change advocate, committed to making a difference and to improving lives by tackling Hate Crime. An entrepreneurial and inspirational leader, Rose has developed Stop Hate UK, extending its reach, reputation and impact as a nationally and internationally recognised presence. She is an engaging, persuasive communicator and well-networked relationship builder. Resilient and adaptable in rising to and overcoming challenges, she leads to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Richard Cramer

Richard Cramer
Legal Partner
Final Whistle™ Legal Partner Richard Cramer is the Managing Partner and Founder of Front Row Legal, a boutique law firm specialising in Sports, Media and Business Law based in Leeds. Front Row Legal work with high profile individuals, professional sports people, coaches, managers, agents and people in the public eye. They also help SMEs, business organisations, professional and amateur sports clubs. They have worked on everything from complex £1m High Court claims involving payroll fraud, invoice fraud, overpayment of shares, breach of fiduciary duties, diverted business & breach of data; to successfully striking out a £3m claim against a football agent. Their knowledge and experience in these sectors mean that they can help where many law firms don't have the experience. Services include: Reputation Management, Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Sports Law, Disciplinary & Regulatory Proceedings, Contract & Employment Law, Amateur Clubs & Grassroots, Rule K Arbitrations, Anti-Doping, Sports Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). You can see the whole range of legal services and learn more about other members of the Front Row Legal team at

Ozzie Khawaja

Ozzie Khawaja
IT & Cyber Security
Ozzie has worked in the IT, Telecommunications and Cyber Security industry for over 15 years. He has extensive knowledge and industry insights into the latest security threats and challenges that organisations face, working with clients across multiple sectors such as government, banking, financial services and retail. Since a young age, Ozzie had a passion for sport, especially football and cricket and played county level cricket in his early teen years as well as continuing to play football to keep fit. Unfortunately, during his early years in district level cricket, Ozzie experienced racism first-hand when pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a professional cricketer. When multiple opportunities to progress were presented and then were no longer available, evidently led him to leave professional sport all together and into a career in information technology, cyber security architecture and design. Ozzie has always had a desire to give back and pursue a career which bought both his skillset and passion together; hence the opportunity to come onboard with the Final Whistle™ team was too good an opportunity to miss. Leaving a legacy behind within the industries he loves is something he wants to pursue and to make a difference in. Through technology and cyber security, he feels passionately about giving back in the fight against racism and hate crime. By bringing Ozzie onboard benefits Final Whistle™ with his wealth of experience around technology and cyber security, to develop processes, policies and procedures as well as making sure our systems infrastructure is protected and secure.

Dr Daniel Kilvington

Dr Daniel Kilvington
Senior Lecturer & Course Director
Dr Daniel Kilvington is Senior Lecturer and Course Director in Media and Cultural Studies at Leeds Beckett University. He has published 5 books including Sport, Racism and Social Media and Online Research Methods for Sports Studies. His area of expertise is ‘race’, ethnicity, racism and anti-racism within sport and new media contexts. He is involved in a number of research projects investigating the volume and pervasiveness of online racism in sport. He is the founder of the organisation, Creating and Developing Coaches, an initiative designed to increase opportunities for BAME coaches in football; the co-founder of the Sport and Discrimination International Conference series; and the co-founder of the Talking Race podcast series. He is the trustee of the sporting inclusion charities The Zesh Rehman Foundation (ZRF) and the Annie Zaidi Foundation (AZF).

Zuzanna Lumanisha

Zuzanna Lumanisha
UX & Design Partner
Final Whistle™ UX & Design Partner Zuzanna Lumanisha is the owner of The Dictator Design and has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. Zuzanna has experience within many types of businesses and mindsets; within different countries and cultures which gives her a truly diverse set of skills. Zuzanna says “I can work independently or within a collective to achieve targeted results. Love gaining insight how a company works from the business owner and all stakeholders. Direct communication and savvy organisational skills... help me to manage multiple projects and hit the deadlines. Any project that lands under my wings is improved for practical user experience”.

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